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Where: Roma, Italy
Line: modular cooking 90
Partner: Top Kitchen [Rome, Italy]

The Assunta Madre restaurant in Rome is the first of 4 exclusive locations by Giovanni Micalusi, better known as “Johnny”. The location, offering a fish-based menu and with a VIP clientele, has a refined and rustic style that creates a warm and convivial atmosphere. The food is simple, rich in flavor and with Mediterranean influences that exalt the natural flavors of fresh fish.
Johnny, born and raised in Terracina, has always been an advocate of high-quality fish. His winning intuition was to bring his restaurant inside a fresh fish store. After the success in Rome, other locations were opened in London (in Mayfair), Milan (in via Vittor Pisani) and Barcelona (in Paseo de Gracia).

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Assunta Madre
Assunta Madre
Assunta Madre
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