Palazzina Grassi


| Palazzina Grassi

Category: 5 star hotel
Where: Venice, Italy
Line: STAR110
Partner: Marco Polo 

Memorable surroundings and an inimitable signature design have led Palazzina Grassi to become one of the top 50 hotels in the world. The only hotel in Italy to have been fully designed by Philippe Starck. 
Within its ancient walls, past and present come together in dreamy settings, soft lighting, works of art and picturesque corners, where one can instantly feel truly Venetian. Discover Venice as you’ve never imagined it before: a historic city of art that can turn into a kaleidoscope of surprises, charm and fun.

The Brief

The Solution
Marco Polo

Palazzina Grassi
Palazzina Grassi
Palazzina Grassi
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